Saturday, October 27, 2012

4 months

I'm sitting here after I just laid you down for a nap thinking how fast you are growing up.   Every day brings a change, sometimes a small one, sometimes a major one, but a change.   You went from a totally dependent newborn to a feisty "big girl" in the blink of an eye.   I'm trying to make sure I enjoy each moment because they will be the only "baby moments" that I ever get to experience.   I feel so lucky and SO happy that things finally worked out for daddy and I to have you.   You have no idea how much pain and suffering we endured for the ultimate payoff, you.  While our hearts will always have hole left unfilled by your brother's passing, you have brought joy back into our lives.

I love watching your dad smile again.  Not just a smile that only passes his lips, but the one that puts a twinkle in his eye.   I missed seeing him happy.  You are a pretty lucky little lady to have such an amazing daddy.   He loves you so much that I've seen tears in his eyes when he's worked late and missed seeing you.   I know it's difficult for him to leave us and go to work, but he provides for us and his hard work means you get a parent home with you.   I love being here to watch you grow.  I can't  begin to imagine missing out on any milestones.  Your brother was never able to hit any of his, so I treasure every one of yours, be it a minor or major one.   I love you my little pumpkin.

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